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Symbol: MOON

Max coins: ~385,000,000,000
based on average distance
from the Earth to the Moon

Difficulty re-target time: 8 hours

Pre-mining: 0


Gradual reward reduce

Block time: 90 Seconds

Inflation <2 percent annually

Since nHeight#1,100,000:



Blocks 1,100,000-1,199,999 Reward: 17906

Blocks 1,200,000-1,299,999 Reward: 16414

Blocks 1,300,000-1,399,999 Reward: 15151

Blocks 1,400,000-1,499,999 Reward: 14069


rewards will decrease gradually until the block 5,432,100,000,

the total supply of 385 billion will be reached ~ in 15488 years.

Smart Likes
Decentralized Platform



Like and earn! Something alternate to investing?

Imagine: instead of investing, researching companies and markets,

you can just like a thing and earn, if other people like what you have liked.

Be the first to like the best things on this earth!

Monetize your likes.



Wait... may I like Mount Everest, Selena Gomez, pizza, or Bitcoin -
and benefit, if other people like it after us?

Sure, also you can like Stephen Hawking's and Yuri Milner's $100M initiative to search for life among the stars,

Van Gogh's Starry Night, The Odyssey by Homer, Neuschwanstein Castle, The Bounty Islands and millions of other amazing things.



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