Mooncoin is easy, reliable, transparent.

Faster than Bitcoin. Adjusted for micropayments.
Available for everyone.

Blocks successfully processed since 2013:

Funded Mooncoin


Fast. Simple. Reliable.


People-oriented. Fair.

Not overhyped, not for criminals.

Backed by people all over the world.


Over 5 years digital currency experience.

Mining: very low inflation.

Built with future in mind:

enough coins for everyone.

Great for micropayments.

Limited total supply, based on average distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Mooncoin Innovations

Smart Likes

Moon Word

Thinking of building your own blockchain? Why not use
well tested one instead?

You can build a lot of projects in the Mooncoin ecosystem.
Mooncoin was designed to be flexible.

The future depends on you.

Mooncoin is open-source and decentralized.


Programming Language



MoonWord is a simple programming language, designed exclusively
for coding and record-keeping on top of Mooncoin blockchain.


Technical specifications make Mooncoin ideal for directly recording informational transactions onto blockchain
(fast block time, lightweight blockchain, low transaction fees and high circulation supply).


MoonWord language may be developed
to write and execute codes on the blockchain.


Up to 7 symbols in one operation.

It's simple and free, you may send coins to your own Mooncoin address and fully control (without 3rd parties) the process of recording information onto blockchain.

Join MOON today!
Build your own project
in the Mooncoin ecosystem!

Smart Likes
Decentralized Platform



Like it!


could likes become something alternate to investing?

Then be the first to like the best things on this earth!



Symbol: MOON

Difficulty re-target time: 8 hours

Pre-mining: 0

Block time: 90 Seconds

Rewards decrease gradually every 100'000 blocks:

Blocks 1,100,000-1,199,999 Reward: 17906

Blocks 1,200,000-1,249,999 Reward: 16414

Blocks 1,250,000-1,299,999 Reward: 4847

Blocks 1,300,000-1,399,999 Reward: 4474




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Update: Feb, 2019.

"With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman,
money can be secure and transactions effortless" - Satoshi

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