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Philosophy of Decentralization    A people-oriented alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin
Mooncoin: monetize your likes
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Join the blockchain evolution: Mooncoin is easy, reliable, transparent,
faster than bitcoin and adjusted for micropayments, available for everyone.

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In 2016 it's powered by the the Moonlite technology, the Mooncoin blockchain-based innovative platform,
that runs Smart Likes and allows people to contribute to progress and to benefit from liking any web page.

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Thinking of building your own blockchain? Why not using well tested and established one instead?
Did You Know? With more than 1.75 million transactions successfully processed since 2013,
Mooncoin remains one of the most reasonable inexpensive solutions amongst time-tested active blockchains.#Mooncoin Facts

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Last updated: 2017-Mar-28 02:00:24 UTC
Symbol: MOON ~ 24h volume ($): 87 ~ Coins: 100 ~ Difficulty: 5.615
Addresses: 100 ~ Funded addresses: 100 ~ Transactions: 100 ~ Operations: 100
Market cap ($): 162427 ~ Mooncoin-related posts at Bitcointalk.org: >10760 ~ Reads: >1002903
One Billion Mooncoins ($): ~ 1624270000000~ One Million Mooncoins ($): ~ 1624270000

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